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The Wattle Company Limited
housesIs a Zimbabwean forestry company based in the Eastern Districts of the country and the company's foundations go back to 1945. We are one of the largest kiln dried all round timber in Zimbabwe. We also produce highly sought treated poles for fencing, telephone and transmission poles. All are Creosote and Chromated Copper Arsenate treated poles. The company also produces three types of wattle extract namely Solid Mimosa Tannin, Green Special Powder and Ordinary Powder. Charcoal is also one of the products the company produces which expresses its true qualities of long burning, more heat and less smoke. Its products service both the local and export markets. read more...

Did You Know
The number one reason for wildfires in the Zimbabwe is mankind. Man-made combustions from arson, human carelessness, or lack of fire safety cause wildfire disasters every year. Let us prevent wildfires and protect our environment.

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Our Products

Pine Sawn Timber :- The Wattle Company Limited produces high quality Pine sawn timber that has a significant demand both locally and internationally.
Pine sawn timber is a soft wood. The Pine Sawn timber is kiln dried to standard moisture content of

Treated Poles :- The Wattle Company Limited eucalyptus /gum poles come from well managed forests and are available in the following types and dimensions read more...

Wattle Extract:- A natural soluble extract with no added chemicals, uniform in quality, pale in colour, low in salts and sludge formation. Ideal for the manufacture of sole, strap, harness, case, upholstery, lining, and other vegetable tanned leathers. read more...

Charcoal:- Made from the hard wood of the wattle trees grown on our well managed and renewable wattle plantations. They create high heat, beautiful flames and leave little ash. Therefore you can enjoy that perfect barbeque. read more...


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