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The Wattle Company

The Wattle Company Limited is a Zimbabwean forestry company based in the Eastern Districts of the country and the company's foundations go back to 1945. We are one of the largest kiln dried all round timber in Zimbabwe. We also produce highly sought treated poles for fencing, telephone and transmission poles. All are Creosote and Chromated Copper Arsenate treated poles. The company also produces three types of wattle extract namely Solid Mimosa Tannin, Green Special Powder and Ordinary Powder. Charcoal is also one of the products the company produces which expresses its true qualities of long burning, more heat and less smoke. Its products service both the local and export markets.

We continue to invest in our manufacturing facilities and technology and in market research, product and market development, bringing new opportunities to our customers in the region. We are continually looking at ways to improve product availability and customer service.

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The Business Structure

The Company’s business success is centered on sustainable management of its forestry resource and dedication towards responsible environmental management at the same time extracting maximum value out of its resources. The Wattle Company has received a number of accolades for its outstanding performance in environmental and forestry management. 

The Wattle company is made put of three divisions namely

Nyanga Pine Division
Nyanga Pine Plantations are located at Nyanga and Dunsinane Estates ,approximately 65 kilometres and 35 kilometres north of Mutare, respectively. Logs from these plantations are managed on a 20 to 25 year rotation and 450 hectares are harvested annually with a potential capacity of 150 000m³ of sawlogs. The timber is harvested and transported to the sawmill using specialized equipment.

Environmental Management
Nyanga and Dunsinane Estates are recipients of the Timber Producers Federation of Zimbabwe’s Environmental Awards. Nyanga Pine Division also attained certification under the Forest Stewardship Council between 2001and 2009.

Resource Sustainability
The Wattle Company Limited, is one of the leading producers of kiln dried pine sawn timber in Zimbabwe and it exports sawn timber throughout the SADC region under the brand name “NYANGA PINE” It has been awarded with the first prize for being 2008 and 2009 Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Exporter of the Year (Manicaland region) and also the second National runner up. 



Vumba Timbers Division
Eucalyptus plantations are situated at Vumba Estate approximately 30km south-east of Mutare. The Wattle Company Limited owns and manages 4,930 hectares of land at Vumba Estates. The Estates are designated as a Protected Private Forest Act (Chapter 19:05).
An additional resource base from Agricultural Rural Development Authority (ARDA) for 54 000 poles per year has been secured by the company for the next 8 years. There are discussions with another party for 72 0000 poles to be available in the next 12 months. All these will be in addition to our own resource of approximately 1 470 000 poles available over the next 12 years.
The Vumba Timbers Division specializes in forestry management and production of the following :

  • Transmission Poles, Telephone Poles, Fencing Poles and Droppers which are treated with Creosote and Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) preservatives at three Pole Treatment Plants in Mutare. These products are marketed and sold throughout the SADC region and as far north as Kenya to different customers in their specific requirements.
  • Eucalyptus charcoal

Environmental Issues
The Vumba area is a mountainous area with unique flora and fauna. Special efforts are made to protect all pockets of indigenous evergreen mountain forest and its associated wildlife. Operations are continually undertaken to eradicate exotic invading plant species, particularly in riverine areas, wetlands and within natural forests. The Wattle Company supports “TEAM Vumba“, a community based environmental project clearing areas of undesirable exotic vegetation from the Vumba area.



Wattle Mimosa Division

The Wattle plantations are located at Chimanimani and Chipinge Estates approximately 160 kilometers and 200 kilometers, respectively, south of Mutare. Wattle Extract is produced at Silverstream Wattle Extract Factory which is situated on Chimanimani Estates. 

Forestry Management and Development
The Wattle Plantations are grown on a 9 to 10 year rotation. The species grown is Black Wattle ,a native of Australia. The extent of areas harvested each year is based upon planned wattle extract sales and stocks.

The Wattle Extract
The Wattle Company Limited is the only Wattle Extract producer in Zimbabwe. The Silverstream Wattle Extract Factory was commissioned in 1956 and its capacity has been expanded and upgraded since to the current 6000 tons per annum.
Wattle Extract is produced in solid and powder form and is used as a tannin for leather. The Company exports 99% of its product to Asia and the balance is sold locally.

Charcoal is produced as a residual product from the wattle tree after extraction of the bark. The wattle logs are fed into charcoal kilns that are located on the plantations. Charcoal is also produced from thinnings of the eucalyptus tree at Vumba.
The Wattle Company is the leading producer and marketer of charcoal in Zimbabwe.

The product is sold as bulk or in 30 kg bags to industrial consumers in Zimbabwe (20%) while the balance is exported to South Africa. The Company also sells packaged and branded charcoal locally to domestic and leisure markets for barbeque as vesta


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