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Forestry Operations

The Forestry Department is responsible for the establishment, nurturing, protection, harvesting, extraction and transportation of saw logs (pine), poles (eucalyptus ) and bark (wattle) to Nyanga Pine Sawmill, Poles depot at Mutare Office and Silver streams Factory, respectively. Our forests cover a total hectarage of 42 028.
The Forestry Department is sub-divided into three plantations namely Pine, Eucalyptus and Wattle. The Pine Plantations are managed primarily for sawlog production on a 25-year rotation and the logs hauled to Nyanga Pine Sawmill for conversion to various board products offered on the local and international markets.
A variety of Pine species are grown with Pinus.patula in the lead, followed by Pinus taeda and the company has moved into growing other lesser-known species in the country like Pinus.kesiya, Pinus. tecunumanii, Pinus.maximonii and Pinus.elliotti.
The Eucalyptus plantations primarily produce light and transmission treated poles for both local and export markets, with the timber residue being used for charcoal production and firewood.

The Wattle Plantations are primarily managed for the production of bark, which is processed at Chimanimani (Silverstreams Factory) to produce Wattle extract, which is used in the tanning industry. Wattle timber is produced as a byproduct which is mainly for charcoal production and fire wood. The Wattle Company subscribes to The Timber Producers Federation (TPF) of Zimbabwe, which subscribes to the notion of good forest practices, and the company always takes part in the TPF annual environmental Competitions.

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