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Sawn Timber

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Pine Sawn Timber

The Wattle Company produces high quality Pine sawn timber that has a significant demand both locally and internationally.Pine sawn timber is a soft wood. The  pine sawn timber is kiln dried to standard moisture content of between 12 - 15%. This is achieved by adhering to stringent quality control measures that start from the source of our timber. In addition, our processes conform to the local Standards Association of Zimbabwe Board (SAZ) and South Africa Bureau of Standards(SABS).

Generally our timber can be classified in two broad categories as follows;-

  • Structural Timber  is graded to S5 and can be either solid or finger jointed. This can be as Rough Sawn Timber (RST) or Planed All Round (PAR). Customers with certified/qualified processes can reprocess GG , Mill-run, Wet-off-saw and ultra-shorts to produce structural timber.
  • Industrial Timber ;- Clear and semi-clear timber are grades for furniture or for uses where appearance is of importance.


Detailed Table of Products

S5 38;50;76 38;50;76;114;152;228 0.9m-6.6m Structural
SEMI-CLEAR 19;25 76;114;152;228 0.75m-6.6m Furniture
GG 25;38;50;76 38;50;76;114;152;228 3.0m-6.6m General purpose/further/ processing
INDUSTRIAL 25;38;50;76 38;50;76;114;152;228 General purpose
CRATING 19;25 76 0.9m-6.6m Packaging
MILL RUN Per Order Per Order Per Order Further processing
WET-OFF-SAW Per Order Per Order Per Order Further processing
ULTRA-SHORTS 25;38;50 76;114;152;228 0.75m-1.8m Further processing

Byproducts–  Crating, Pulpwood, Peeler logs, Pine bark, Wood shavings and Saw dust. Our normal order quantity are truck-loads of  45 or 65 cubic metres each. Smaller quantities can be purchased from the saw-mill. The prices are FOB exmill/factory at Nyanga.

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