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Pole Treatment

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Pole Treatment

Pole Treatment

The Eucalyptus pole treatment plants are situated in Mutare. Poles from Vumba estates plantations are treated with Creosote and CCA preservatives at our treatment plants in Mutare.

The Company treats and grades poles in accordance to Standards Association of Zimbabwe, standard (SAZ 120-2009) and other Regional Standards (SANS 754, BOS 176-2006, KS 516-2008).

The plants produce high quality products and this is achieved by strict adherance to high quality control standards. The company controls the entire process from the growing of trees to the final product.

Why CCA or Creosote?

>> Long lasting preserved wood
>> Easy and safe to handle
>> Clean, odorless & non-oily after treatment
>> Touch dry soon after treatment

The Treatment process

The process starts by mixing the CCA with water to get the required solution strength  which is checked using a hydrometer(titration test). The solution is then transferred to the working / measuring tank ready for flooding the treatment vessel. After the loading of poles the vessel is then sealed and vacuuming applied. Flooding the vessel with chemical then follows. The vessel is pressurised to the appropriate pressure in line with the required treatment parameters. The pressure is maintained for a specific period of time in line with the intended penetration. Thereafter, the vessel is drained and a vacuum applied to get rid of excess chemical on the poles. A period of 3-5 days is allowed for fixation before the poles are despatched.

CCA Plant Vessel

Creosote Plant Vessel

Pole Treatment Facilities

The Wattle Company now operates three pole treatment plants with a significant capacity increase of 4,500 cubic metres to a combined total capacity of 8,300 cubic metres per month as tabulated below.

Plant Location Treatment Chemical Monthly Capacity (m3)
No. 1 No. 3 Durban road, Mutare (New Treatment Plant) CCA 4500
No. 2 Sperox,Mutare CCA 2500
No. 3 Sperox,Mutare Creosote 1300
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