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Saw milling

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Sawmilling Operations

Sawmill is the biggest sawmill in Ziombabwe and is  located along the Mutare to Nyanga highway , about 65 km from Mutare. It is situated inside the company’s plantations. Access to the saw-mill is wholly on a good tarred road.

The sawmill has a capacity to sustainably produce  74 000 m3 of kiln-dried sawn timber annually .The logs come cut to a maximum length of 6.6m into a 5 000 m3 log-deck  which guarantees about 2 weeks of production. All logs are sorted using a combination of chain log-hauls and mobile loaders in order to feed the small log line and big log line.
The small log line is a modern Titan wide band-saw technology mill manufactured by Multi-saw (S.A). It  mills logs up to 31cm diameter, with an input of up to 190m3 per shift. The big logs are sawn on a robust Mohringer Frame-saw line which has two frame-saws in tandem. It can mill up to 200m3 per shift.

Currently the mill targets to produce about 1 500m3 of wet timber per week which is further dried in a combination of high technology kilns produced by Tekma Finland and Bess  Bollman of Germany. Boilers generate steam using wood waste which is more friendly to the environment.

All output is trimmed and graded to the different grades in our dry-mill section. Standard bundles are neatly made and labelled before safe .storing in a spacious ware-house . All loading is by cranes and side-loaders which minimises damage to both product and packaging.

The Wattle Company subscribes to The Timber Producers Federation (TPF) of Zimbabwe, which subscribes to the notion of good forest practices, and the company always takes part in the TPF annual environmental Competitions.

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