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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility.

Socio Economic Development

housesThe Wattle Company defines corporate social responsibility as action taken by the company which positively impacts on our customers, shareholders, government, traditional leaders, local authorities, suppliers, employees and the communities surrounding our operational areas. This means the development of sound policies, practices and programmes that are consistent with sustainable development and the welfare of society. Corporate Social Responsibility is woven in every aspect of the Wattle Company’s business including its formal performance management system.

We have policies that require us to invest in environmental protection and the social and economic development of the communities within our operational environment. The Company established THE WATTLE COMPANY COMMUNITY SHARE TRUST in which 5% of its shareholding were allotted to the Community Trust. The purpose of the Trust is to receive a dividend from the Company on behalf of the communities as well as source and manage other funds to promote the protection and enhancement of forests and forest areas and surrounding land in the Eastern Districts of Zimbabwe.The Trust will also facilitate the proper management of forests and maintain good relationships with the surrounding communities.

Corporate Citizenship Activities.

As The Wattle Company, we strive to be an integral and contributing member of the communities within our operational environs. Below are the corporate citizenship activities being implemented and or planned:

  • Out-grower schemes.
  • Promotion of recreation and sport.
  • Payment of school fees to selected workers children and disadvantaged members of the community.
  • Help combat HIV/ AIDS in our workplace and in the communities in which we operate.
  • Provision of assistance to schools, orphanages, old peoples homes, clinics and hospitals.
  • Partnerships with communities in the promotion of agricultural projects.
  • Employment opportunities to community members.

cinicIt is our objective to provide superior returns to our shareholders in a socially, safe and environmentally responsible manner. The Wattle Company divisions uphold the values of good corporate citizenship and seek to contribute to the wider economic, social and environmental well being in the country we do business in. There is deep commitment to the principles of sustainable development which we take to mean “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

Safety and Health

  • Prevent or minimize work- related injuries or health impairment of employees and contractors
  • Contributing to priority community heath issues

Environmental Management

  • Conserve environmental resources
  • Prevent or minimize adverse environmental impacts arising from our operations
  • Demonstrate active stewardship of land and biodiversity
  • Respect people’s culture and heritage
  • Promote good relationships with, and enhance capacities of, local communities of which we are part.

The Wattle Company recognizes the serious impact of HIV/AIDS on employees and their families, and, therefore, undertakes within its financial and physical capabilities, to develop and implement strategies and programmes to effectively reduce HIV/AIDS and its impact at the workplace and within our estate communities.


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